www.cunninghampr.ie | Tom Dunne’s Mystic Tears Release New Single ‘Who Knows When’ Out Now!
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Tom Dunne’s Mystic Tears Release New Single ‘Who Knows When’ Out Now!

Happy days are back in vogue and Mystic Tears have the soundtrack for it!

Mystic Tears are bringing joy back to the beat and getting the dance-floor shaking with a swinging beat that harks back to the 1950s and a groove that Quincy Jones would be proud of!

Who Knows When has that infectious groove that plugs into the mind and pleasantly vibrates down to the heart.


Mystic Tears is the latest iteration in the musical journey of Tom Dunne, former front-man of The Spikes.

The trio is comprised of Jenny Hallahan on bass, Bryan Smyth on drums with Tom fronting on guitar.  They have come together to create a new high vibrational sound, coded with other-worldly resonances and future musings!

Who Knows When’ is their first dip into the pool of indie pop.  With its soaring hooks and vibrant groove it’s sure to be a track that gets the airwaves pulsing.

Following on from his successful solo releases of ‘Surrender My Love’ and ‘Kosmic Eye’ in 2016, Tom Dunne is back with a new band and we can expect more unique and original tracks plus plenty of onstage hi-jinks from the wild frontman of bygone Spiked days.

Enjoy the ride!

‘Who Knows When’ is now available through Mystic Tears distributor – JustMusic.info

Check out the great video here: https://youtu.be/qyfRHvgiXgY

Website : www.mystictears.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mystictearsmusic/

Windmill Lane Session:  http://bit.ly/1U4dYNH

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  • Adrienne McArdle

    January 6, 2018 at 8:22 pm Reply

    I love Mystic Tears after first seeing them play at le cheile festival in Oldcastle; & again in workman’s club in Dublin’ I love their energy, skill, & souls / a beautiful combination that spreads love, hope & fate \ I wish them every success & fulfilment for 2018 , peacec& goodwill to all ! Adrienne McArdle X

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