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‘Christmas In Liverpool’ Voted Best Original Christmas Song

A festive ode to Liverpool by Dublin band Monster Monster has been voted Best Original Christmas Song by the listeners of Christmas FM.

The song was selected by public vote from almost 100 entries.

This is all great news for Monster Monster songwriter, guitarist and life-long Liverpool fan Mick Stuart.  “Monster Monster are delighted to have won the competition and would like to thank everyone who voted and everyone at Christmas FM for making this the best Christmas ever!” says Mick.

‘Christmas In Liverpool’ has also become a firm favourite at Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club.  The song was recently played at the legendary football venue and is set to get more plays over the busy Christmas period.

Now the song is becoming a huge hit with Liverpool fans too. YouTube hits for the video have skyrocketed and BT Sports are considering using the song for their Christmas schedule.

“Christmas In Liverpool is a love song to Liverpool,” says Mick.   The band was inspired to write the song after “a cold rainy night in Dublin”.

“Reflecting on being vulnerable and exposed in a city. The line, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ came to mind, giving hope in a difficult situation. Once we had that, all the things we love about Liverpool came to mind, its kindness, its music, its football.”


Find Monster Monster on Twitter at @monmonmus

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